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Dynamic Load Management

Landis+Gyr RCR Ripple Control Receivers

Ripple Control is a mature and cost-effective technology for tariff and load control. Landis+Gyr Ripple Control Receivers RCR cover a wide range of applications from simple remote switching of the relays to individually parameterizable timers. Maggiori informazioni

  • Seven-day time switch (time and weekday synchronization by means of ripple control transmission)
  • Learning function: Memorizing switching operations and automatic repetition
  • LED for operational status display
  • Interpreter programs for free allocation of addresses and commands to relays
  • 16 interpreter programs including 4 with timing functions
  • Relay status confirmation for fraud prevention
  • Event log
  • Automatic correction of pulse distortion
  • Signal level storage of last message
  • Transmitter outage detection (failsafe)
  • Programmable response to power outages and restoration of power
  • Test function with test button
  • Plug-in EEPROM for program memory
  • RCR131 with up to 3 plug-in 25 A changeover switches, compact housing and 3 different sizes of terminal covers
  • RCR161 with up to 6 plug-in 25 A changeover switches or 40 A relays and 2 mounting options: panel mounting or installation on meter terminal cover
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa