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Kuopion Energia’s multi-energy metering solution

Kuopion Energia is a consolidated corporation owned by the Finnish city of Kuopio. It has about 50,000 electricity customers and about 5,000 district heat customers. The complete smart metering solution, scheduled to be delivered to the utility in 2012 – 2013, consists of about 50,000 smart energy meters, integration into the existing IT infrastructure, as well as project management and installation. Kuopion Energia selected a Landis+Gry 10-year Meter Reading Service as part of their complete solution. Landis+Gyr will also take care of meter maintenance and new meter installations together with its partner.

“We wanted a local partner that commits to long-term cooperation. Selecting a service solution was the easiest and, overall, most economical solution for us. Through the service solution we will always use the latest technology and expertise in the business,” says Kari Väänänen, Managing Director, Kuopion Energia Liikelaitos.

As a metering reading service provider, Landis+Gyr is responsible for the hourly-based collection of consumption data as well as operations of the Gridstream system. Each day the consumption data is delivered to Kuopion Energia’s systems where it is used by the customer service and billing departments. Regular reports of power quality data and network status are also delivered to Kuopion Energia, which gives the utility a better control of the network and the production capability. Also, the solution enables online access to personal consumption information for the utility customers.

Kuopion Energia benefits from the transfer to smart metering in many different ways. The real time data on the status of the network and metering devices provides significant cost benefits. It enables a fast response to faults in the network that assist in network planning and allocating investments, and improves the efficiency of managing the condition of metering devices. “We are excited about the project because we get the chance to deliver a high-end solution to Kuopion Energia. At the same time, the service agreement will strengthen our position as a trusted partner for one of the most innovative utilities in Finland,” says Ari Tolonen, Landis+Gyr’s CEO in Finland.

More choices for customers
The utility can also develop its business via real time data by providing their customers with diverse tariff solutions and personal energy management tools that assist in the customer management process. Another significant benefit is the improved control over network losses and receivables. Real time consumption information provides tools for identifying losses, and remote controls enable easy disconnection of metering points.

The network company already uses Landis+Gyr’s E120 meters and smart metering system. With the new cooperation contract the 10,000 metering points that are already within the scope of smart metering and the Gridstream AIM system are connected as a part of a more extensive smart metering to include smart metering services. The multi-energy solution would also enable connection of the remaining 2,000 metering points for district heat as part of the smart metering services in the future.

Predictably cutting-edge
The systems can be connected smoothly as a single entity, merging the existing infrastructure as a part of the new smart metering system. Due to the open architecture, the system is compatible with meters from different manufacturers as well as multiple communications technologies. Adaptability was a requirement of the smart metering solution with regard to communication technologies because Kuopion Energia wanted to make use of its own telecommunication network.

With Landis+Gyr’s smart metering services the network company can utilize its resources efficiently and focus on its core business. There is no need to worry about the maintenance or functioning of the system, and the costs of the system can be predicted and managed consistently.