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Landis+Gyr introduces new user interface for AMM software

Landis+Gyr’s residential AMM system, Gridstream AIM, is fourth generation AMM software with over ten years of successful history among leading energy utilities. With Gridstream AIM, utility personnel can take care of their daily tasks related to handling metering devices and their environments, reading consumption values from the meters and managing meter data.

Gridstream AIM is a comprehensive AMM system, including Automated Meter Reading (AMR), Metering Data Management and advanced applications for monitoring and deployment support. The software has been consistently developed from one generation to the next. Several new functions and applications have been added as part of the system, increasing the AMM advantages a utility can gain through Gridstream AIM.

A user centric design
The new UI further improves the usability and maintenance operations of Gridstream AIM. It has been defined and developed using user-centric research and design methods. The development work was carried out in close collaboration with customers. Empirical testing, user interviews and observations in real life UI operating situations helped to define the focus of the development work. Detailed research into the functionality and technical structure of the software was also carried out. Based on the research results, a technology agnostic framework was developed. This framework allowed Landis+Gyr to concentrate on high level system usability and user friendliness, as the framework is not bound to any specific technology.

The UI architecture changed notably as several AMM applications were combined into one, ensuring a seamless user experience. The number of screens was significantly reduced making the navigation between different functions and tasks quicker and easier. Advanced search functionalities and the possibility to create and save personalized views ensures that the user has the most relevant information easily available. 

The graphical design of the UI was also improved. New colour schemes are used to clearly point out the critical information as well as being attractive and easy for the eye.. New symbols and icons were carefully designed; attention was paid to size and global understanding.

For further information about Gridstream AIM, please contact your local Landis+Gyr representative.