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Landis+Gyr E850

Precise values for all billing applications, comprehensive data for network operation: from the very start, the ZxQ series from Landis+Gyr was developed with grid applications in mind. With its exceptionally fast measurement system, high data resolution and proven operational security, it is clear that the ZxQ was designed for use in all applications. Maggiori informazioni



Supreme metering precision

The E850 is a high-precision electricity meter designed for power plants, photovoltaics, on-shore and off-shore wind farms, transmission networks, substations, railway infrastructure and grid-connected commercial and industrial consumers.

The exceptionally fast measurement system, high data resolution and proven operational security make E850 the preferred choice for customers seeking to improve billing accuracy, network operation, electricity exchange, load frequency control, measuring and recording flows of electricity and other grid applications.

The grid meter offers top accuracy and long-term stability in energy measurement under all operational conditions. The highest metering accuracy generates savings for the customers and the precision is guaranteed even at the lowest load of 2% in a singe phase operation, unbalanced or cos φ below 1. The E850 powerful measurement system is five times faster than in industrial meters and it provides sufficient resolution for capture periods under 15 minutes (1 to 5 minutes) and accurate measurement when energy direction changes.

With the track record of successful deployments across 70 countries worldwide, the E850 metering solution has proved its reliability and top performance in all types of environments.

The E850 grid meter is available in two main versions:

  • E850 f6 wall mounted
  • E850 f9 rack mounted
  • Accuracy class 0.2S / 0.5S for active energy and 0.5S / 1 for reactive energy
  • 50/60Hz and 16 2/3 Hz (for railway infrastructure)
  • 8-digit liquid crystal display (LCD) for local reading of data
  • Exchangeable communication modules (RS 232 / RS 485 / Ethernet / GSM / GRPS / UMTS (3G))
  • Integrated optical interface and RS485 serial interface with DLMS protocol
  • Communication with several third-party suppliers
  • Up to 8 transmitting contacts (for energy flow, load supervision (Pmax, Qmax), capture period)
  • 4-quadrant measurement (+P -P, +Q -Q, Q1..Q4)
  • Measurement of instantaneous values of phase voltages and currents
  • Phase angle measurement and detection of direction of rotating field
  • Monitoring of instantaneous values of voltage (unbalance, over/undervoltage, outage) and current (unbalance, overcurrent)
  • Voltage dip table
  • Tariff control
  • Time-of-use (TOU)
  • Load profiles
  • Daily snapshot
  • Stored billing value profile
  • Bypass feeder operation
  • Event logs
  • Three software configurations

Depending on software configuration additional meter functionalities are available:

  • Harmonics and total harmonic distortion (THD) monitoring
  • Line and transformers losses measurement
  • Total losses of active and reactive
  • Overload supervision of the line
  • CT/VT error correction
  • Single phase energy measurement
  • Average demand, maximum and cumulated maximum demand
  • Apparent energy measurement
  • Power factor monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa