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Electricity Meters

Landis+Gyr E850

Precise values for all billing applications, comprehensive data for network operation: from the very start, the ZxQ series from Landis+Gyr was developed with grid applications in mind. With its exceptionally fast measurement system, high data resolution and proven operational security,… Maggiori informazioni

  • Accuracy class 0.2S / 0.5S for active energy and 0.5S / 1 for reactive energy
  • 50/60Hz and 16 2/3 Hz (for railway infrastructure)
  • 8-digit liquid crystal display (LCD) for local reading of data
  • Exchangeable communication modules (RS 232 / RS 485 / Ethernet / GSM / GRPS / UMTS (3G))
  • Integrated optical interface and RS485 serial interface with DLMS protocol
  • Communication with several third-party suppliers
  • Up to 8 transmitting contacts (for energy flow, load supervision (Pmax, Qmax), capture period)
  • 4-quadrant measurement (+P -P, +Q -Q, Q1..Q4)
  • Measurement of instantaneous values of phase voltages and currents
  • Phase angle measurement and detection of direction of rotating field
  • Monitoring of instantaneous values of voltage (unbalance, over/undervoltage, outage) and current (unbalance, overcurrent)
  • Voltage dip table
  • Tariff control
  • Time-of-use (TOU)
  • Load profiles
  • Daily snapshot
  • Stored billing value profile
  • Bypass feeder operation
  • Event logs
  • Three software configurations

Depending on software configuration additional meter functionalities are available:

  • Harmonics and total harmonic distortion (THD) monitoring
  • Line and transformers losses measurement
  • Total losses of active and reactive
  • Overload supervision of the line
  • CT/VT error correction
  • Single phase energy measurement
  • Average demand, maximum and cumulated maximum demand
  • Apparent energy measurement
  • Power factor monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa